Here you will find the statements for the fine art installations and exhibitions; as well as our material sources for the sculptures, and the organizations we've connected with.

JULY 8th Market

t r a n s i t i o n s

- a group show


GG Gabennesch


Unclaimed Royalty

Katrina Shafor


Ryene Smith

conceptually we are focused on exploration. to explore is to Be conscious. to Sense. walking - more accurately, teetering- in between the currents of instinct, context, the unfamiliar & passion. all with the goal of a more holistic life experience - overwhelming peace. to Be balanced - implies consistent opposition -


here, you will find fairies, caymans, desktops, toxic polymers, homegrown moss, fine craftsmanship & a sculpture who's lifespan is 7 hrs total. lets narrow the Universe and i’ll give you our 5 favorite test subjects:

fine Art galleries


exhibition ~ metaphysically & otherwise



*on the last two:

Sustainability - death needn’t be ugly,

abusive & neglectful. we explore the thought: deaths purpose is to continue life. what lines blur here? when does a cycle stop? Time is “suddenly” more expansive when you grasp [an inkling] of its subjectivity. Atomically there are no edges <> every individual is (literally) composed of Multitudes - biologically, spiritually & socially.

Material - - - - value is created.creation is ongoing.

thank you 2:

Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Center - 286lbs of material saved from the landfill - all scraps returned to the center post installation <3

GG's pop tab, leather, feather & dead bug collection - 5+ yrs strong <3

lingerie scraps from Lottie J <3

moss, stumps, trees & dirt - Shi's garden <3

big door - neighbors yard <3

Ryene - for our stunning logo <3

We Can Make It Again

We Can Make It Again is a community based organization (CBO) located within the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa, Malawi.
It was created and is managed by camp residents who want to provide job and income opportunities to single mothers and orphans by providing sewing classes that can later become a trade skill for them. Some graduates of these classes have now opened their own tailoring shops in Dzaleka.